JB Hi–Fi

JB Hi–Fi

JB Hi-Fi is Australia's largest and most-loved consumer electronics retailer. Their success has been driven by an obsessive focus on delivering value for their customer. When considering opportunities to improve the eCommerce experience for their customers, JB Hi-Fi decided that Shopify Plus not only provided them the best experience today, but had the vision for how eCommerce will develop in the future.

Moving to Shopify Plus was not a straightforward proposition. Multiple interconnected business systems, technical debt and the sheer complexity of bricks & mortar retail meant that this was never going to be a simple “lift and shift” of the website. JB Hi-Fi had invested heavily in rearchitechting their systems with a consistent API framework, and so the new Shopify Plus website needed to align with this dynamic future-ready architecture.

The JB Hi-Fi team needed to partner with an agency that could provide leadership, in-depth knowledge of the platform and the ability to work alongside the existing team to scale their skillsets


  • Complex eCommerce Engineering
  • Business Analysis
  • Custom UI & UX Design
  • Design rationalisation
  • Front-end delivery consulting
  • Website Development & Implementation
  • Integration testing
  • Growth Programme, SEO, Data & Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Retail & eCommerce Strategy
  • On-site delivery, support and training

JB Hi-Fi engaged The Working Party to work alongside their existing teams to deliver a world-leading eCommerce experience. Overcoming shopping cart hurdles, 200+ dispatch locations with several market-leading delivery options including 1 hour click & collect, and an intricate product system, we worked quickly to show internal stakeholders that Shopify Plus would not only work with their complex array of requirements, but that it would also allow them to get to market much faster.

The Working Party have the experience in partnering with large teams to rapidly upskill in Shopify, design/ux and front-end develop to unlock potential efficiencies.

The Working Party not only showed that the complex requirements presented were achieveable with Shopify Plus, we also won the hearts and minds of internal stakeholders who were perhaps not so convinced of the Shopify vision. We activated internal teams by upskilling and mentoring, refactored design to simplify and provide consistency, and delivered complex user interface components to align Shopify with JB Hi-Fi’s preferred customer journey.


JB Hi-Fi
Shopify Plus

We engaged The Working Party to help us on Shopify Plus where we had perhaps some of the most ambitious set of objectives anywhere in the world. To their great credit they did not shirk from the challenge, from either a willingness to tackle it, nor from poor, "hacky" execution. They integrated their team, their process and their thinking deeply into our internal team and provided creative and helpful suggestions on how we could push the platform to where we needed it to be without sacrificing the equally important need for a high quality, maintainable code foundation for the future.

They are now an integral part of our Shopify journey and we look forward to working with them on future digital projects as we push the envelope further to deliver experiences that our customers will love.

Richard MurrayCEO