7 considerations before migrating to Shopify Plus

Published: 1 February 2024

There's a reason why enterprise brands move to Shopify.

Cost, flexibility, scalability or simply freeing your business from the restriction of legacy architecture and on-going maintenance – you know how migrating can improve your eCommerce.

However, that doesn’t make replatforming from a major eCommerce from a platform, like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, easy. Preparation does.

We've developed a comprehensive guide that details the key steps and actionable advice to prepare your business for a smooth, successful replatforming project. 

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

1. Evaluate the cost of migration

Review the total cost of ownership over time, plus cost of new development and third party apps.

2. Determine the right time

Understand how Shopify Plus can launch within four months and what will happen at each stage.

3. Review your tech stack

Identify your customer experience priorities and the best solutions to help deliver them.

4. Streamline legacy operating systems

Consider the other internal systems that connect with your eCommerce ecosystem.

5. Create a change management plan

Ensure every stakeholder in your business is informed and excited to replatform. 

6. Prepare your data for migration

Cleanse and audit your data. Find out what needs to be migrated and what doesn't. 

7. Elevate brand representation

Explore your creative potential and determine which design option suits your brand.

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