Textpattern Design and Development

Textpattern Development

We’ve been using Textpattern since about 2004, when Cal installed it on his personal blog. Since then we have introduced many clients to its elegant simplicity, logical structure and minimal interface. It is perfect for small sites and blogs and makes it easy to organise content on your website.

Building your website in Textpattern

When it comes to building your website in Textpattern, we spend time creating wireframes of your website if you don’t already have a design. We like to have things to work with, so we welcome any images or resources you have that you’d like to use.

We do work on a staging URL and share this with you, so that if we are rebuilding your existing website, visitors to your website will not see any changes. We will share this URL with only you.

The website design is something we work on with you, and at times you may need to go away and think about what we’ve implemented and discussed before you get back to us. In the meantime, we are able to add supplied text, images or other content to your website. We can also write content for you if needed.

Textpattern training

Before handover, we make sure you’ve had a look at the Textpattern backend and know how to do what you need to do in order to update and maintain your website. Textpattern is relatively easy to use, but we put aside time to give you a walkthrough of the basic tasks and show you all the features of Textpattern that you may use. We also provide support for several months following handover, so if you have trouble you are free to contact us.