Shopify Development

Setting up your Shopify store

We are listed as Shopify Experts, and offer a range of Shopify services including setting up your Shopify store. This includes setting up shipping for different countries, adding a custom payment gateway, and customising email notifications. We are also able to set up customer accounts. We can also make changes to your existing settings if you already have a Shopify store.

Our priority is making sure that your store is set up according to your needs. We also provide Shopify training and walk you through the backend of your store so that you are aware of how to update your products and make changes to your store.

Building your Shopify theme from scratch

Like all our designs, building your Shopify theme will start with a meeting and discussion about your store and the goals you have in mind. We begin the process by developing wireframes – simple representations of how the content on your website will be displayed in the finished product.

Wireframes start out on paper as rough sketches and are then produced digitally. We continue to refine these wireframes and include you in the process until you are happy with how they look. We do our best to educate you on usability and accessibility, which we believe is of utmost importance.

Only when you’re satisfied do we discuss colour schemes, textures and patterns. We love looking at websites you like, and we work from your inspiration. We encourage your input along the way, and create page mockups based on the ideas that are shared between us. Again, we await your approval of a mockup before we begin to style your theme and apply any design to your theme.

Modifying or redesigning an existing Shopify theme

If you have an existing Shopify store and would like some changes made, we can help you. Whether you want to change the colour scheme, move structural elements, or completely redesign your store, we can do it for you.

Do you see a Shopify template you like, but want to make a few changes? Or have you bought one and just don’t know what to do with it? We can make the changes you require while keeping the rest of the theme intact. If you’re struggling to understand Shopify and have some design issues, we can fix them for you. We take out all the stress and hassle that comes with editing a theme so that you don’t have to deal with it.

If you’re unhappy with the current look of your Shopify store for whatever reason – whether it’s old, ugly or you just need a change – we can give it the makeover it needs. We can redesign your store with updated HTML and CSS, and a fresh, clean design.

Updating your current Shopify store

We can update your current Shopify store if needed, and perform maintenance for a few hours a month on your store. This includes updating your store with new products, updating any new images, and making any changes you wish to implement. You might want to have a new feature in your cart, or need some guidance on where to place a new product range. We can give you advice and help you update your store.

Moving your existing store to Shopify

There are many good reasons to move your store to Shopify. If you’re thinking of moving to Shopify, we can run you through the benefits of moving to Shopify, discuss your current store and platform and its features, and how these weigh up with what Shopify offers you. We aim to make the move as quick and painless as possible.

We can also redesign your store if that’s another change you’d like to make. Redesigning is a slower process, which involves drawing up wireframes and creating mockups as we would when we build a theme from scratch.