MODX Development

The Working Party is one of the founding ambassadors for MODX. Our job is to help spread the word and encourage local and online communities to adopt MODX.

MODX is an open source content management system built on PHP and MySQL, and is used for building websites and web applications. With its various add-ons and range of customisable features, it is flexible and suitable for both small and large websites. We have been building websites in MODX since 2005.

MODX has a user-friendly interface. With simple drag-and-drop to rearrange, and a graphical view of the sections of your website, you can update and make changes to your website without worrying about breaking any of the code. MODX also allows us to create different user types and limit access for certain users, which can be useful if you have a group of people each working on different sections of your website.

We’ve built the popular Australian music blog,, on MODX. We’ve also built Queensland Ballet, and the website for Australian band Wolfmother. We are able to convert existing websites from the MODX framework, and also work with designers to apply a design to a website in MODX.

We aren’t just about design: we aim to make websites as accessible as possible, and also discuss an online strategy with you. We value your goals and direction for your website and keep these in mind when designing your website.

The Working Party has been involved in MODX’s development and been a part of their community for many years, including being a previous strategic partner of MODX. As part of our current role as ambassador, we also host regular MODX meetups in Sydney.